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Should You Get Teeth Whitening Treatments?

The teeth enamel naturally has a slight yellowish tinge. However, it becomes increasingly yellow as plaque builds up. In addition, drinking beverages like tea and coffee regularly can stain the teeth badly. Although yellowish teeth are not a health condition, a lot of people opt to have them whitened or bleached. Even though your health may not be impacted by stains, the amount of "glow" in your smile can make a big difference in your life. Whitening of teeth can really help in many personal and business situations. Many people judge you by that first impression and a glowing smile can help give you that "extra edge".

Teeth whitening is a relatively safe dental procedure that uses abrasive surfactants and chemicals to remove the yellowish plaque buildup on the enamel and to bleach the teeths surface. It is a popular dental procedure so you can avail of it in your local clinic. If you live in Santa Rosa, California, for example, a quick search online would give you addresses of reputable dental clinics and hospitals where you can book an appointment for teeth bleaching. You can whiten your teeth at home using whitening toothpastes, gels, strips, and pens, or you can opt to visit a local or a cosmetic dentist. DIY teeth bleaching can lighten teeth by 1 to 3 shades at most whereas professional light-activated teeth bleaching can make your teeth up to 8 shades lighter. A strong hydrogen peroxide solution (25 to 38%) and carbamide peroxide are usually used in clinics. OTC hydrogen peroxide usually comes in weak 3% concentrations.

Individuals who decide to have their teeth whitened should have their dental health assessed first. To see the extent of your teeth stains, have your teeth professionally cleaned first. Teeth bleaching can be done externally or internally, where the whitening gel would be applied inside the pulp. Root canalled teeth may need a different bleaching approach. Also, bridges and crowns will not be affected by the bleaching because they are made from porcelain.

Overall, bleached teeth are inevitably more sensitive to hot and cold foods. Furthermore, if the bleaching was done improperly, the bleaching solution may cause chemical burns on the gums.A website to check in the Santa Rosa area is